Cham Kiu Masterclass (english)- Online Video Training

At the Cham Kiu Masterclass

I show, explain and demonstrate all 3 phases of the Cham Kiu form

in 4 modules with a total of 8 lessons / 25 videos 

1. correct positions and movements phase 1  

I demonstrate the Cham Kiu form from different perspectives

explain the concept, characteristics and focus of the Cham Kiu form

2. Power and energy control phase 2 

when and where force is used?

how can I develop, control and control energy?

what changes?

3. economy of movement phase 3

economy of movement, how and why the Form changes?

show kicks, steps and turns

demonstrate all implementations of the Cham Kiu form

describe and demonstrate all principles of Cham Kiu

The execution and implementation of the movements can change from phase to phase!

4 Mudules / 8 Lessons / 25 Videos

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